Packaging is an integral part of everyday life in a modern society. It provides various functions that support and simplify everyday life. The packaged goods reach the consumer in an undamaged, safe and hygienically perfect condition and offer the opportunity to provide information about the product brand as well as the product itself.
In Europe, 7 million tonnes of folding cartonboard are produced annually for various packaging applications in the Food and Non-Food sector.
Cartonboard as a packaging material offers the following advantages:

  • Protection of the packaged good
  • Graphic and design technology applications
  • Presentation of point of sales displays (POS)
  • Environmental protection
  • Provision of information
    Cartonboard as a packaging material must correspond to the relevant good it is protecting and presenting, both in terms of quality and functionality.

Chocolate and confectionery packaging
Whether you produce the finest chocolate or another type of confectionery, you want the packaging to match.

Food packaging, dry food and more, also with barrier coating
Using appropriate packages in the right size can save food and help reduce waste. Our materials are both renewable and recyclable.

Beer multipacks, other food and beverage multipacks, carrier packs
Multipacks made from paperboard are eye-catching, light and strong – and easy to buy, carry, open and recycle.

Perfume and cosmetics packaging
​Packaging is a vital part of any fragrance or beauty care product. It allows the product to stand out, reinforces your segmentation and signals what to expect.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging
Pharmaceutical packaging must fulfil legal and safety requirements, cater to specific needs such as Braille embossing and child-safety features, and work well for inkjet and laser coding.

Wine and spirits packaging, gift boxes, laminated boxes
Make your champagne, wine or spirit brands stand out with a beautifully printed and finished paperboard carton.