The coated  board offers all the creative possibilities you are seeking for your packaging. High-contrast white-coated board  gives both a strong creative platform and physical  strength. Your designers can develop intricate creative concepts, such as gold or silver embossing, varnishing, film  lamination and more. High top side  smoothness and special  coating formula assure superior printing quality, both on offset and rotogravure multicolored printing presses. Available basis weights: 190, 200, 210, 215, 220, 230, 240, 250, 270, 280, 290, 300, 330, 340, 350, 380, 390, 400 gsm APPLICATION: – Cosmetic packaging,“Display” multi-packs; – Pharmaceutical packaging; – Food packaging,for example confectionery; – Paperback book covers; – Postcards, fancy stationery, etc.; – Drug and medication packaging; – Advertising campaigns; – Flexible book covers; – clothing and general purpose packaging; – Hardware packaging; – “Display” multipack packaging; Parameters crucial for board quality, both during  converting and end use are: – Basis weight (g/m²) – Weight of 1m² of board expressed in grams; – Thickness (μm) – Distance between the paper’s two surfaces; – Stiffness (mNm) – The ability of board to withstand bending forces perpendicular to its surface; –  Brightness (%) – The reflectance value of board relative to 100% brightness value standard. Please note that brightness does not always correspond with the subjectively perceived  whiteness shade; – Plybond (Scott Bond – J/m2) – The ability of layers of  paperboard to adhere together. This characteristic is important for mechanical strength during converting operations; – Smoothness – the smoother the surface is, the higher gloss and better printing qualities are. Board smoothness is measured by Bendtsen roughness number (ml/min) or PPS (μm); – Gloss (%) – This property is the measure of light directly reflected from a surface (measuring gloss 75 ° standard); To ensure best converting results it is strongly recommended to make multiple test runs in production conditions, especially if non-standard converting method is applied.